Beautiful (Greek?) Female Soldier Holding Icon of the Virgin Mary…

Yeah, this is from some “National Pride” website.  This chick is a beautiful specimen of a strong White woman!  She’s holding a lovely icon of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.  I love it and you will too. 

Remember that love always wins! Take pride in yourself and your heritage, treat others with respect and decency, and say no to mindless blind hate. 😉


God the Father

God the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.  Please look after, and care for, all my brothers and sisters blogging today on WordPress.  Help them to stay healthy and to stay focused.  This earthly life is just a small flash, for the real life begins once we give up the ghost, and leave this mortal coil.

Thank you Father, for everything.  In Jesus name, amen.  †

I’m Making a Concerted Effort to Use Love More Often, Especially in My Daily Interactions with Fellow Humans…

“This sounds like a tall order, and we can’t do it all at once, so remember, EASY DOES IT!” –(adapted quote from a twelve-step group)

Yes, this is the biggest area that I struggle with in my daily life.  I want to love my fellow man, but more than often I fall tragically short.  People just seem to piss me off–asking me for a cigarette or some spare change or anything else that they they think I have.  I know that it’s something within myself, something in my brain and the way I think.  I can’t change other people but I can change myself.

The bottom line is that I fall short non-stop.  

Where is our emphasis?



Luke 12:16-21 – something to reflect upon in our daily life!

Having spoken the parable about the man who became rich and planned to just eat, drink and be merry, and for this was struck with death, not remaining alive for the supposed pleasures, the Lord concluded: So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God. “So”—that is, such occurs, or such a lot befalls both these and others. Those who become rich and forget about God only think about pleasures of the flesh. Let those who desire to avoid this bitter lot “lay up” not “unto themselves, but be rich only toward God.” Since riches come from God, then devote them to God when they flow, and holy riches will come of it. Divide all surplus with the needy: this will be the same as returning to God what was given by God…

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Sorrow and the Poetry of Healing


This Is Life!: Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis

Ours is a world of stilted prosody, flat and banal, the flourish of ad copy, the etymology of the focus group.  It is speech calculated to intended effect, never deeper than the sheen, no wiser than the fortune cookie paper slip.  It’s a monotone babble, furiously expounding the nothingness that fills that wasteland of spinning static, born of an ersatz orchestra of twittering chatter.

But we are made for much more.

In a mystery, we come to this at times when we are hollowed out by pain and loss, the trauma that raises that terrible tonicity, the deepening of the heart in lament.  Our mundane routine shifts, that sudden departure from the expected, the wrench that shreds us from within.  Suddenly what was, is gone, its fading imprint turning us inside out.  And the identity which shaped us is shattered at the leaving.  We are torn, the grasp on ourselves…

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1950 – Athos in French magazine “Le Miroir”

Athos - Agion Oros

In 1917  a French Russian army occupied Mount Athos. On this picture from the French magazine Le Miroir a soldier, two monks and a Greek policeman are posing for the photographer, not at the monastery of Panteleimonos, as is suggested in the text, but in the harbour of the monastery of Lavra. 100 years later I photographed the same spot. The harbour is not as lively anymore as it was in the Great War. Hardly any boats are coming to this arsanas. The pilgrims nowadays come by mini-bus to the Lavra monastery.When the allied soldiers entered Mount Athos in 1917 they found 500 enemy rifles with ammunition made in Austria. They burned the weapons on the spot.  French officers were invited at the monastery of Zografou for dinner with the monks. Le Miroir 4th March 1917.The following images are from after the war (Le Miroir 9th November 1919) and…

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