20 Years of Acid Mothers Temple


Today we celebrate 20 years of Acid Mothers Temple, the greatest contemporary psychedelic rock band in the world! With over 100 albums out, and numerous solo and collaborative projects under various names, Acid Mothers Temple has been consistently good and consistently diverse.  One major hurtle in curating today’s show was that many of Acid Mothers Temple’s songs develop over a significantly long time–meaning they’re LONG–so balancing my choices between really fucking good music while maintaining a variety over a 20 year (and continuing) career was difficult.  So, you’re in luck! Because that just means that in the future Global Psychedelia will have to do another show dedicated to Acid Mothers Temple.

Disclaimer: Most Acid Mothers Temple album covers portray a photo of a naked woman (or women).

All Hail Acid Mothers Temple!

Some of Acid Mothers Temple Collective are:

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Acid Maso Temple

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