Sorrow and the Poetry of Healing


This Is Life!: Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis

Ours is a world of stilted prosody, flat and banal, the flourish of ad copy, the etymology of the focus group.  It is speech calculated to intended effect, never deeper than the sheen, no wiser than the fortune cookie paper slip.  It’s a monotone babble, furiously expounding the nothingness that fills that wasteland of spinning static, born of an ersatz orchestra of twittering chatter.

But we are made for much more.

In a mystery, we come to this at times when we are hollowed out by pain and loss, the trauma that raises that terrible tonicity, the deepening of the heart in lament.  Our mundane routine shifts, that sudden departure from the expected, the wrench that shreds us from within.  Suddenly what was, is gone, its fading imprint turning us inside out.  And the identity which shaped us is shattered at the leaving.  We are torn, the grasp on ourselves…

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1950 – Athos in French magazine “Le Miroir”

Athos - Agion Oros

In 1917  a French Russian army occupied Mount Athos. On this picture from the French magazine Le Miroir a soldier, two monks and a Greek policeman are posing for the photographer, not at the monastery of Panteleimonos, as is suggested in the text, but in the harbour of the monastery of Lavra. 100 years later I photographed the same spot. The harbour is not as lively anymore as it was in the Great War. Hardly any boats are coming to this arsanas. The pilgrims nowadays come by mini-bus to the Lavra monastery.When the allied soldiers entered Mount Athos in 1917 they found 500 enemy rifles with ammunition made in Austria. They burned the weapons on the spot.  French officers were invited at the monastery of Zografou for dinner with the monks. Le Miroir 4th March 1917.The following images are from after the war (Le Miroir 9th November 1919) and…

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Don’t Believe the Second Thought: A Story from the Life of St. Christopher of Palestine

lessons from a monastery

Once Saint Christopher [6th century] went to Jerusalem to worship at the Holy Sepulchre of the Lord and at the Life-Creating Cross. At the gateway of the church he beheld a monk not moving from the spot. Two ravens flew before his face. Saint Christopher discerned that these were demons, which held the monk back from entering the church.

He asked the brother: “Why do you stand at the gate and not enter?” The brother answered: “Pardon me, Father, but within me struggle two thoughts. One says: go and venerate the Venerable Cross. The other says: don’t go in, make some excuse, and come to venerate the Cross another time.” Then Saint Christopher took the brother by the hand and led him into the church. The ravens immediately disappeared, and the brother venerated the Cross and the Holy Sepulchre. Saint Christopher told this story to someone who was distracted by…

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20 Years of Acid Mothers Temple


Today we celebrate 20 years of Acid Mothers Temple, the greatest contemporary psychedelic rock band in the world! With over 100 albums out, and numerous solo and collaborative projects under various names, Acid Mothers Temple has been consistently good and consistently diverse.  One major hurtle in curating today’s show was that many of Acid Mothers Temple’s songs develop over a significantly long time–meaning they’re LONG–so balancing my choices between really fucking good music while maintaining a variety over a 20 year (and continuing) career was difficult.  So, you’re in luck! Because that just means that in the future Global Psychedelia will have to do another show dedicated to Acid Mothers Temple.

Disclaimer: Most Acid Mothers Temple album covers portray a photo of a naked woman (or women).

All Hail Acid Mothers Temple!

Some of Acid Mothers Temple Collective are:

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Acid Maso Temple

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