What’s the Glue that Holds the Jewish People Together? 

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as much a no-brainer as it is (or at least should be amongst rational, thinking people) nevertheless as we point out here on a regular basis, a person CANNOT understand the modern world of geo-politics, economics, and the tumultuous rumblings beneath our very feet these days without first understanding this thing known as organized Jewish power, something which cannot be understood without first understanding the Jewish mindset, in and of itself the inevitable by-product of Jewish thinking which is the inevitable by-product of Judaism.

In an essay encompassing just about 750 words, here we have a bird’s eye view as to why the world is hurtling towards the precipice of complete and irrevocable destruction and yet why very few–and we stress, VERY FEW–seem to be willing/able to recognize what the root cause of the impending collapse of the world system is all about by devoting to it the required…

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