Prominent US political journalist apologizes after sexual harassment claims

The Ugly Truth

Mark Halperin calls past behavior ‘inappropriate,’ after 5 women allege he fondled, rubbed up against them when he was a top ABC News executive

ed note–first Weinstein, then came the flurry of Jewish media execs SUDDENLY under the microscope for behavior that has been going on–not for weeks but–for DECADES.

Jews don’t do things like this–eat their own–for trivial reasons. All of these ‘sacrificial lambs’ being served up as ‘burnt offerings’ in this manner were/are known for what they have been doing all along.

So the obvious question that needs to be asked ad examined is–‘why’?

And the best answer is encompassed in the following 10 words–

‘Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America’.

The FBI, NSA, CIA and other agencies have been keeping tabs on these creatures ever since the early part of the last century with files on them literally a mile high, representing Washington…

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