Forget the ‘slippery slope’ — israel already is an apartheid state

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by Neil MacDonald

As the late Yossi Sarid, longtime leader of Israel's Meretz party and former education minister once put it: "What acts like apartheid, is run like apartheid and harasses like apartheid, is not a duck — it is apartheid."

As the late Yossi Sarid, longtime leader of Israel’s Meretz party and former education minister once put it: “What acts like apartheid, is run like apartheid and harasses like apartheid, is not a duck — it is apartheid.” (Mohamad Torokman/Reuters)

The time has come to call the duck a duck. It’s time to agree with a long list of Israeli political leaders, academics and public figures on both the political left and right, including three former prime ministers, a winner of the Israel prize, two former heads of the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet, and one of the country’s principal newspapers, all of whom have warned that the Jewish state is becoming, or already is, an apartheid state.

I would choose the latter characterization.    

It’s interesting that within the Israeli discourse, the assertion seems to have become routine, while it remains radioactive in the West…

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What’s the Glue that Holds the Jewish People Together? 

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as much a no-brainer as it is (or at least should be amongst rational, thinking people) nevertheless as we point out here on a regular basis, a person CANNOT understand the modern world of geo-politics, economics, and the tumultuous rumblings beneath our very feet these days without first understanding this thing known as organized Jewish power, something which cannot be understood without first understanding the Jewish mindset, in and of itself the inevitable by-product of Jewish thinking which is the inevitable by-product of Judaism.

In an essay encompassing just about 750 words, here we have a bird’s eye view as to why the world is hurtling towards the precipice of complete and irrevocable destruction and yet why very few–and we stress, VERY FEW–seem to be willing/able to recognize what the root cause of the impending collapse of the world system is all about by devoting to it the required…

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Prominent US political journalist apologizes after sexual harassment claims

The Ugly Truth

Mark Halperin calls past behavior ‘inappropriate,’ after 5 women allege he fondled, rubbed up against them when he was a top ABC News executive

ed note–first Weinstein, then came the flurry of Jewish media execs SUDDENLY under the microscope for behavior that has been going on–not for weeks but–for DECADES.

Jews don’t do things like this–eat their own–for trivial reasons. All of these ‘sacrificial lambs’ being served up as ‘burnt offerings’ in this manner were/are known for what they have been doing all along.

So the obvious question that needs to be asked ad examined is–‘why’?

And the best answer is encompassed in the following 10 words–

‘Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America’.

The FBI, NSA, CIA and other agencies have been keeping tabs on these creatures ever since the early part of the last century with files on them literally a mile high, representing Washington…

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Response to Eric Hunt


The Holocaust is a Hoax

Eric seems to want to surrender to the bully Jews….

Dear Eric:

Diane and I collaborated with our response, as this was a big discussion point with us, to make sure the wording and sentiment were precise. This may be long, but we took the time to read yours. You can do us the courtesy of reading ours.

I appreciate your response but you still haven’t proven anything … you sound like you’re coming from the Skeptics (forum) crowd who continue to uphold the Holohoax theories 100℅, where not only do they just emote on certain points, but they ridicule and punish counter arguments by censorship. I’m not saying that the National Socialist Germans were angels. I don’t maintain that – it was wartime – but had they wanted to exterminate ANYONE, you KNOW they’d have come up with extremely MORE EFFICIENT means than drafty/questionable facilities using a less than…

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GERMANY – 96 Year Old Man Charged With Accessory To Murder In Nazi Labor Camp

Oy vey!

The Ugly Truth

holocaust soap HAPPY MERCHANT

J-POST – A former guard at the Majdanek Nazi death camp has been charged in Germany with being an accessory to murder.

The Frankfurt resident, 96, whose name has not been released due to the country’s privacy laws, was charged by the city prosecutor on Friday for being an accessory to murder during his service between August 1943 and January 1944, when at least 17,000 Jews were killed at the camp located near the Polish city of Lublin.

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