The Dogma of Redemption (Part 3 of 4)

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…Continued from Part 2

The Dogma of Redemption (Part 3 of 4)

by St. Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky

A More Positive Exposition for the Moral Content
of the Dogma Of Redemption24

Metropolitan AnthonyIn order to provide a completely Orthodox interpretation of the dogma of redemption for people interested in theological questions, it is necessary to produce a feasible work in which the interpretation of this dogma is the central thesis. Therefore, we will present our treatise in the same order as we have presented it in public lectures and class discussions, that is, by observing what constantly occurs before our eyes in life.

The assimilation of redemption by faith is regeneration, despite the notions of scholastic theology, which separates one from the other. The attentive observer of life will have seen cases of spiritual regeneration more than once, or may even have consciously experienced it in…

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