Thoughts (and Misgivings) about “Zeitgeist”

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The authors of this film, in spite of their sophistication about many important issues, unfortunately seem to be totally clueless as to the nature and purpose of religion. If one were to take their argument in Part 1 and apply it to science, it would be like saying that science should be shunned because the scientific method is part of a conspiracy by scientists to create ways to blow things up and control people with fear. Should we ban science because it is used to make bombs? Science has done good things AND bad things. The same is true of religion.

They leap from their critique of organized religion to an attack on theism itself. This will turn off a lot of people and cause others (like myself) to be embarrassed by the know-it-all attitude of the narrator. Parts 2 and 3 include important material, and I want to recommend…

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Revelations from the Memoirs of Otto Wagener

gnats and camels

Below are passages from Hitler, Memoirs of a Confidant, published by Yale University Press in 1976. These memoirs were written by Otto Wagener, a political associate, frequent travel companion and personal confidant of Adolf Hitler from 1929-1933. He was also the chief of staff of the SA and head of the Economic Policy Section of the National Socialist party.

Unlike the memoirs of Hermann Rauschning, which were cited as evidence in the Nuremberg trials but have since been exposed by revisionists as a complete fraud (Rauschning apparently never had even one private conversation with Hitler), the authenticity of Wagener’s memoirs has never been questioned.

Wagener kept a detailed diary of his many private conversations and other meetings with Hitler, given that conversation and discussion were Hitler’s preferred approach to the formulation of policy. Wagener reconstructed this diary from memory in 1946, while held in custody by the British, filling thirty-six…

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