The Federal Reserve Funded Hitler’s Germany with US Tax Dollars!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • The FedRes, ECB, BIS, IMF, World Bank …. and practically all central banks are privately owned Illuminist corporations! The Illuminist philosophy for managing, controlling the sheeple is to always have manufactured enemies. They believe in war as a means of mass culling of the sheeple. This is the reason why there is a constant barrage of fear and hate mongering (for wars) in the world. It is really propaganda, psyop BS!
  • Both Hitler, Nazi Germany and Communism were created, controlled opposition / enemies financed by the Zionist Synagogue of Satan banksters out of Wall Street. These are the major shareholders of the Illuminist FedRes! It is all about their Hegelian Dialectic. First they create the Problem: 2 opposing forces/world systems, Allied/Axis powers …. Then they set them into conflict and await the desired Reaction. Finally, they introduce their pre-planned Solution! Problem, Reaction and Solution! Order Out of Chaos, the Satanic philosophy!

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